The idea that love spoon designs (at least as of the 17th century) were probably based on "the metal spoons used by the wealthier members of the community" was also mentioned by J.Geraint Jenkins in 1978 in his book Traditional Country Craftsmen, p.72

In 1995 Johan Knutsson of the NORDISKA MUSEETS in Stockholm/Sweden wrote in his publication "Friargavor - fran kaenningn til trolovning" (page 14) the following:
"Among the more permanent gifts, wooden spoons seem to have been the most common. Inspiration might have come from noble sources, such as traditions within the nobility, where betrothal spoons, made of silver, were used during the 16th century. When this custom was introduced among the commoners, they used not only silver spoons, but also carved wooden spoons, to be presented long before there had been talk of any betrothal" (translation).